Tax consulting

Tax consulting

Our task is to help you:

  • Organized of Department
  • Design an appropriate accountig chart
  • Design of appropriate accounting policies
  • organized of business books, course of the documentation and the processing and archiving
  • Educating employees
  • Testing of new candidates
  • Creation of reports for the legal, managerial and group needs.

Our financial accounting and accounting technical advice, support tools, guidance, and training will help improve the quality of your company’s financial reporting.

Preparation of tax returns

Pursuant to legal provisions, adhering to all legally prescribed deadlines, we can correctly and thoroughly prepare tax returns for the following taxes :

  • value added tax;
  • profit tax;
  • income tax for board members and expatriates,
  • annual financial contribution, etc.

Tax review

Tax review means individual approach to every client. The purpose of tax insight is to:

  • check for and identify potential tax risk,
  • prevent payments of taxes with no legal grounds,
  • improve tax accounting of our clients and
  • consider additional possibilities for tax savings or optimisation.

Tax planning

Taxes significantly influence the ultimate success of your business operations and therefore you need to start with your tax planning at the right time.

The main objective of tax planning is to:

  • clearly present tax liabilities,
  • clearly present tax risk,
  • reduce or eliminate tax burden and
  • clearly present tax reliefs and options.

Knowledge and experience enables us to plan optimal tax liabilities for citizens and enterprises through personal approach to every client.


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