Accounting services

Management accounting services

If you have an accounting department in your company but you need to improve the organization and work of the department or you want to established one, or to educate your staff, we offer you the following services:

  • Organized of Department
  • Design an appropriate accountig chart
  • Design of appropriate accounting policies
  • organized of business books, course of the documentation and the processing and archiving
  • Educating employees
  • Testing of new candidates
  • Creation of reports for the legal, managerial and group needs.

Our financial accounting and accounting technical advice, support tools, guidance, and training will help improve the quality of your company’s financial reporting.

Accounting – bookkeeping services

Accounting services in accordance with Croatian and International Financial Reporting Standards:

  • Daily recordings
  • Creating and maintaining the books and auxiliary books
  • Reporting for the purposes of legislation, administration or groups
  • Preparation of appropriate tax returns
  • Preparation of data for making consolidation packages.

Plan and analysis

  • Create or help in the preparation of annual plans of the business entity
  • Development or assistance in the preparation of annual plans by USALI method
  • Create different reports and analysis as the basis for making business decisions,
  • Analysis by USALI method.

Internal control

  • Control policies, procedures, forms
  • Control-chart recordings
  • Control of accounting information system
  • Control flow of documentation.

Internal educations

Frequent changes in accounting and tax regulations leads to the need of permanent education, which gives the best results when working on concrete problems and examples from your business. We educate:

  • Workers in Accounting and Finacial department
  • Internal controlores,
  • Management.


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